Article Marketing: Marketing Made Easy

Is website traffic convertible to cash? The answer is yes. But that is not the right question every webmaster might want to dwell into, the right question is ?How can my site get targeted traffic without me spending too much??

The answer to most webmasters, ezine operators question is very simple. There is a simple yet effective way of marketing your products and best thing is that it?s cheap if not free!

Are you asking me what? My answer is also a question; do you know how to write an article?

Yes! Articles, these are simple yet very effective way of marketing your products, allowing you to be confident enough that your site will get a low cost targeted traffic

Write the most interesting articles about what you are selling. Do not advertise it in your article but make an informative article about it. Add your advertisements within your by lines.

Why is it low cost yet effective? It’s because you’re not only doing some informative marketing about your products but you’re also making a good method of SEO on your site.

Giving keyword density methods of SEO on your article and blasting it to hundreds of sites is really cost effective. But it’s not only that! You might as well see that it’s one way of increasing link popularity! Most article submission sites allow links within your article. One example is a free articles directory site.

Your blasting doesn’t stop there at all…

After submitting your articles to these article repository sites your articles will have a chance to be reprinted by many webmasters who gets their content out from these article repository sites, doubling all chances of getting targeted traffic for your site.

You’re not only advertising smartly but you’re also saving money!